Home for The Holidays

A Home That Supports You Over The Hectic Holiday Season

Just because it's hurried "out there" doesn't mean that feeling needs to carry on in your home

"This used to be my favorite time of year, now I dread it."

I remember vividly, presents half wrapped on the kitchen table because I couldn't find a replacement tape when my original one ran out. Clothes piled up in the living room on the sofa because I finally got to washing and drying the backlog, but the folding and putting away was feeling overwhelming. The artificial tree was set up in the living room, but the furthest I got with it was getting the lights on it. The 6 bins of decor were sitting in the middle of the living room and I wasn't even feeling like I could get them up. 

Everyone used to tease me that I was like a young Mrs. Clause because I had a child-like wonder around all things Christmas.

With daily responsibilities piling up, holiday to-do's piling up and the joy of the season quickly draining from me - it was no wonder I was stressed. Here I was, almost in tears, dreading the thought of going grocery shopping because of the grumpy crowds of people I was going to run into on my travels.

This used to be my favourite time of year, and now I dreaded it. 

That was the last Christmas I had with that crazy amount of stuff in our home. The following year I worked hard on releasing things. I was by no means a minimalist at that point, but I was working my way through the de-owning process of my crap. The following holiday season was less hectic. I had less stuff to manage on a daily basis - the laundry, the dishes, and the general household crap that somehow ended up on every surface of our home. 

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