Hey, Homey, Hey!

Hi, I'm Angie!

As a clutter clearing coach, I'm here to give you all of the resources, advice and motivation you need to create a home that makes you feel good and happy.

I understand that anyone can clear clutter, that's not what I offer. What I offer is a way to stay motivated and on target, a way to clear clutter so you are confident in your actions and you don't get bogged down in the details. I help you uncover your own level of "enough". I help you create a home that fills you up instead of draining you. A home that looks good and feels good when you're in it.

The best place to start is with a Cozy Minimalist in My Pocket session. You can't go wrong with a no-BS-30-minute session with me, where you will get practical and actionable suggestions for what you are currently struggling with in your home.

I want you to start taking meaningful steps to a home that supports you today.

Available Products

Cozy Minimalist in My Pocket

A powerful one-on-one session with the founder of Cozy Minimalism and the foremost expert on the Cozy Minimalist Way - the practical step-by-step guide to becoming a cozy minimalist.

$397 USD for a full day of virtual support.

Up to 8 hours. You choose the day and timeframe, and I will be your guide and supporter for the entire time.

Any stumbling blocks you hit, I'm there.

The Heart of Decorating - Gallery Walls

Stylish and meaningful is the goal of an uncluttered gallery wall. If you want something that will make you happy every time you walk into a room, this course will guide you through the entire process.

Simplified Laundry E-Book

Simplifying a heavy task like laundry will help make your days a little easier.

Podcast Insiders

Your home on the world wide web if you're a Cozy Minimalist. Free access to cool updates and deals as well as a message board to connect and ask questions.

Month of Minimizing Momentum

Give me an hour each week and commit to at least 15 minutes a weekday and I'll get you decluttering like a mofo again!

A month-long coaching option for those that want to commit to a month of "doing" while focusing on maintaining the momentum that they have with minimizing their home. As low as $60 USD per week.

A Month to Your Family on Board

Give me an hour each week and commit to at least 15 minutes a weekday and I'll get your family aligned with helping you clear the clutter in your home. Without nagging!

A month-long coaching option for those that want their family's to get on board with decluttering the family home. As low as $60 USD per week.

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