Hey, Homey, Hey!

Hi, I'm Angie!

As a clutter clearing coach, I'm here to give you all of the resources, advice and motivation you need to create a home that makes you feel good and happy.

I understand that anyone can clear clutter, that's not what I offer. What I offer is a way to stay motivated and on target, a way to clear clutter so you are confident in your actions and you don't get bogged down in the details. I help you uncover your own level of "enough". I help you create a home that fills you up instead of draining you. A home that looks good and feels good when you're in it.

The best place to start is with a Cozy Minimalist in My Pocket session. You can't go wrong with a no-BS-30-minute session with me, where you will get practical and actionable suggestions for what you are currently struggling with in your home.

I want you to start taking meaningful steps to a home that supports you today.

Available Products

Cozy Minimalist in My Pocket

A powerful one-on-one session with the founder of Cozy Minimalism and the foremost expert on the Cozy Minimalist Way - the practical step-by-step guide to becoming a cozy minimalist.

$397 USD for a full day of virtual support.

Up to 8 hours. You choose the day and timeframe, and I will be your guide and supporter for the entire time.

Any stumbling blocks you hit, I'm there.

The Heart of Decorating - Gallery Walls

Stylish and meaningful is the goal of an uncluttered gallery wall. If you want something that will make you happy every time you walk into a room, this course will guide you through the entire process.

Decluttering Games Mega Pack

Decluttering games make a heavy and monotonous task, FUN.

Turn the boring process of decluttering into a fun time with these 12 games that are sure to get your entire family on board!

Simplified Laundry E-Book

Simplifying a heavy task like laundry will help make your days a little easier.

Podcast Insiders

Your home on the world wide web if you're a Cozy Minimalist. Free access to cool updates and deals as well as a message board to connect and ask questions.

Home For The Holidays

Give me 2 weeks of at least 15 minutes a day... and I'll give you your house back for the holidays.

Post-Christmas Purge

The presents are all unwrapped, and the mess is lingering after the chaos of the season. Give me five days, and we will get your home back after Christmas.

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