A Month to Your Family on Board

A clutter-free home isn't a luxury for families - it's a necessity...

Especially when you are the one drained by all of the stuff

... Let me help you get your family aligned so you can continue on your journey with this unique and affordable coaching option!

Introducing Month of Family on Board

You will have exclusive access to me (Angie Kikstra, the Founder of Cozy Minimalism) for up to one hour once a week for four weeks.

I will create a focus list for you each week for you to check off

During our sessions, we will focus on practical things you can do that will get your family in alignment with decluttering and living with less, even if they don't want to become minimalists.

I created these coaching sessions for you:

- If you are the one in your home that primarily feels responsible for the cleanliness, tidiness and functioning of your household

- If you feel frustrated with your family daily because they don't seem even to see the mess, and it impacts you GREATLY

- If you want to stop wasting weekends and evenings cleaning and maintaining a level of tidy in your home that just gets re-messed again

- If you don't know how to communicate your need for this journey with your family

- If you don't know where to start motivating your family

- If you love to-do lists,  I'll give you written instructions that you can follow for a week

- If you are just starting out and need some guidance on The Cozy Minimalist Way and you have a family

Below are some ideas of what we do in a month: 

➥ Learn the best way to approach a conversation with your family about why you are choosing minimalism

➥ Define the areas that will be the greatest impact 

➥ Finally figure out how to motivate your family (even make the whole process of decluttering FUN)

➥ Get support on the root issue of your clutter (and get hints on their root issue with clutter)

➥ Learn about Minimalist Mindshifts and Clutter Blocks and how to gently move your family through the process

➥  Get a clear plan each week on what to spend time working on so you can focus your limited energy and time on the things that will surge you forward with your family alongside

➥  Set your family up for success so that you don't have to nag them to declutter

➥  Create organizing solutions that work for everyone in the family

➥ Work towards a more functional and tidy home - together

This is targeted decluttering, working on the areas that matter most to you, you can't get this type of support in a course

This isn't for you:

  • If you want to dump everything you own in a few sittings and become an extreme minimalist
  • If you aren't physically capable of doing this, either get a helper or choose a less intensive option
  • If you are a hoarder this requires a mental health professional. I am not a mental health professional and can't give this type of support. I can refer you to the appropriate mental health professional in your area if you reach out to me.

How we do this:

1. You pay for your sessions; you can choose to pay the whole amount up-front or you can choose simple payments each week. Please note: your payments will come out the same day you signed up each week, and I can't change that on the back end.

2. Once you've paid, you can book your 4 sessions.

3. You'll then be prompted to complete a survey that has important questions about your goals and your home.

4. After our sessions, I will check in with you to see how you're doing midway through the week. This is your opportunity to let me know if you're having any challenges and I'll help you out.

5. At the end of the month, you can decide if you want to sign back up for another month or if you will go forward on your own... both are totally acceptable!

I focus on empowering you to clear the clutter in layers using my signature Gentle Decluttering concepts, we only remove what you are ready to remove. While

I'll nudge you to stretch out of your clutter comfort zone, I'll never force you to declutter anything you're not ready to let go of.

I look forward to working with you and getting to the root of your clutter!

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