The Heart of Decorating - Gallery Walls

Are you a homemaker that loves the idea of a gallery wall but you get stuck in all of the details of creating the perfect uncluttered gallery wall...

You're in the right place!

This is a limited-time offer of the first edition release

Who Is This For?

The mom that wants to have an Instagram-worthy gallery of her adorable kiddos

The proud grandma that wants to display their grandkids' photos on the wall uniquely and more stylishly.

The empty-nester who wants to make their home feel more like home after the kids have all moved out.

The single person that wants to commemorate their friends and family within their home in a fun and stylish way.

The DIY'er that has put up collages and gallery walls before, and they felt too cluttered or chaotic for their liking.

What It Will Help You Do

You'll learn how to choose and save the best of the best photos in your ever-expanding collection of photos.

You'll uncover your own tolerance level to clutter and choose the best gallery wall based on this.

You'll be able to put up an uncluttered and stylish gallery wall that will make you smile every time you see it. 

I'll teach you how to filter through all of your photos to choose the best of the best every time.

You'll have access to 7 types of uncluttered layouts for gallery walls that you can use over and over again throughout your home.

What's Included

7 Modules

(in text format and audio)

1. A Non-Cluttery Galley Wall? Impact and Connection

  • The important difference between curation and collection and how to curate
  • Defining your clutter tolerance so you don't put up a gallery that feels too "cluttery" for yourself

2. Non-Cluttery Layout Options  

  • The 7 types of uncluttered gallery walls are in a handy sheet so you can choose which one you would like to try in your own home.
  • Inspiration photos for all of the layout options so you can see real-life examples of these gallery walls in homes

3. Frame It! Selecting frames and mats that make your photos pop! 

  • Selecting frames and mats based on your own existing elements
  • The best frames for your already defined design style
  • The best frames (and mats) for each uncluttered layout

4. Location, location, location. Where to hang your gallery for the most impact 

  • Room cures: where to hang a gallery when the room is large and you have a long wall, where to hang when you don't have much room
  • Inspiration on where to hang in different rooms of your home
  • Hanging mistakes (we've all made) and how to correct them for gallery walls moving forward

5. Choosing the best of the best photos 

  • Come up with a theme for your gallery to help you create a classic and timeless gallery
  • Find the photos for your gallery wall on your iphone
  • Strategies for taking new photos (if needed)

6. No Fail Gallery Wall Planning System 

  • Walk through the worksheet with me and input all of your selections into it for all of your gallery wall information in one spot
  • With the info on the sheet you will then create a digital rendering of the gallery wall in your room with all of the frames sizes, print sizes then inputted into the worksheet

7. Hanging Your Photos without the Hassle 

  • Learn about the method I use to hang your gallery wall right, the first time, exactly how you envisioned it in the app
  • The priceless tool I use that makes hanging even easier than you imagined


A Private Podcast

so you can listen to the course on-the-go and on your phone without being tied down to a computer

A video walkthrough of the virtual design app

step by step process on how to take the layout you designed and add it to your room virtually


Handy Worksheets, Printables and Guides

  • A gallery wall theme guide that will help you choose a creative theme for your gallery wall so that it will be cohesive and have meaning
  • A worksheet that will help you pull together the entire gallery wall with all of the details in one place
  • A buying guide so you know exactly what to buy for the gallery that you have designed

What You'll Learn

  • The important difference between curating and collecting 
  • How to recognize the different types of gallery walls and avoid the ones that feel cluttered to you 
  • How to search your iPhone for the photos you need, when you need them
  • How to design your gallery wall using a free virtual  app that will allow you to visualize the frames, mats and layout in your own room
  • Visualize your wall in your own room with your photos and frames
  • Install your gallery on the wall the way you planned and envisioned - the first time
  • How to organize your digital photos 
  • How to measure your wall so that your gallery wall is the right size
  • To use a buying guide that includes all of the measurements and elements you need to make the correct purchases of prints, frames and mats
  • To select the right frames and mats for the gallery of your choosing and your room elements
  • To create a cohesive theme on your gallery wall 
  • How to use cool tools in your iPhone to find photos for your gallery wall amongst your collections in your photo app
  • Where to hang your gallery for the biggest impact

This is the first edition release, a small team of testers and I have been working hard behind the scenes to make this course happen.

There will be videos added and a podcast stream to help walk you through this course without being on a computer.

Why Join The First Edition Release?

I'm pre-releasing this product to get real people trying it and to get feedback on every module to make the final release the best it can be.

Also, the full release will be priced at least 2X this price; by getting in early, you get locked into this price, and you will be able to access the future release for as long as you have access to the email that you signed up with.

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